Pointless Rambling at 2:20 AM

Author’s Note: Yeah yeah, I said this was going to be a daily thing. Problem is, I’m bored, and it’s technically tomorrow (although this was true when I wrote the first post as well.) so I guess you can say that, at minimum, there will be one post a day ( for as long as I can manage to keep that up at least) Anyway, you’re getting more than expected, instead of less, so I have no idea why I would think you would be upset. I’m going to stop AN-ing now and move onto the piece. (Most of them probably won’t be as rambly as this one.)

There’s a certain sort of weirdness that my mind happens to inflict on me at 2:20 AM in the morning, sitting alone, typing a piece for my newly started blog at my computer. It’s very hard to explain, but it’s something akin to perfect stillness. It’s not really what I would call particularly relaxing (If it was, I would have fallen asleep already) and definitely not zen. Basically though, in the early hours of the morning, when I’m at my computer, time stops. Not actually of course, but for my brain, it does. Or at least my perception of it gets weird. So that now, at 2:22 AM, I feel like an eternity has passed, but at the same time, feel like hardly any time passed at all. Odd.

Honestly, if I had started actually writing pieces for this blog before I just up and made it, I might have chosen a different name. Dailywrite, the name I wanted, was taken, and honestly, I’m not exactly happy with what replaced it. Write, Chat, Blog seems fine, but it falls apart if you look at it too closely. For example, what part of this site am I referring to with the “Chat” thing? The comments section? I’m slightly afraid this “Chat” part implies a certain connection with the reader more than my simply puking up essays from the very dregs of my brain. Will readers be turned off by the fact that I just write? And if “Chat” ushers in overblown expectations, “Write” and “Blog” certainly aren’t holding their respective ends any better. I mean, aren’t they basically the same thing? One tends to write on a blog, so I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t call this the random blog of everything, since that’s probably what it will turn into.

Listening to that last paragraph, “Dailyramble” seems like it would have been much more appropriate name for this monstrosity that, simply because I was bored, I created. Although saying it like that makes me seem like a bit of a nerd… oh well. Sitting here now, and just reading this over, a name pops into my head “TheFirstDraft.wordpress.com” now THAT is a better name. I suppose it’s too bad. You may notice that I go off on random topics in this piece more than most of the others (assuming that others will follow this one. I can’t know if they’ll be any less rambling, but I would imagine they would be a little) because I’m currently in that state of sleepiness where you just start being random. If friends were around, I would probably be laughing and thinking everything is funny. Since they’re not, I’ll ramble my disjointed thoughts out onto a computer. I imagine if a teacher were to take a look at this, they would probably die of shock and horror. It’s that bad.

And yet I still imagine people will read it. Maybe some people will find the rambling endearing, others may be ramblers themselves, and see it as normal. And, overall, I have faith people will read this with the same morbid fascination we give to animals killing one another, “The Jersey Shore” and fanfiction. With this said, and with me yawning while typing this, it’s time to randomly cut it short here and go to bed. I’m that tired.


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