About Grades

So, I just majorly freaked about grades. It happens sometimes. We see a B or C where we  want an A, or we don’t do so well on a test, and all of a sudden, we convince ourselves college will suck, we won’t get a good job, and the rest of our lives will be horrible. Or maybe that’s just me. Who knows. Anyway, there are just times when you have to realize that things will most likely turn out ok.

Today was just kind of one of those days. On the way home from school I started worrying about the future, and about how I wasn’t going to do well on my physics test tomorrow, and how the rest of my life would be hell. And now I just have to realize I’ll get through it. I have before. I’ve freaked out over the homework loads for each year since 8th grade, and yet they never materialize.

I wrote last night. For myself. A nice piece, just getting my thoughts on (digital) paper. It was nice, and honestly, was part of the reason I started this blog. To encourage myself to write daily. I think it’ll help with all those little things that bug me.

To anyone actually reading this, I challenge you to pick one little thing you might be worrying about and just stop worrying for awhile. There’s a time and place for worry, but you shouldn’t let it get to you too much.


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